Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Wussy Females and why I love Tatum from Altering Authority.

Write this down right now. I will NEVER write about a wussy, whining, submissive female (eg. Anastasia Steele), unless she is the butt of a joke, about to be killed off or going through an amazing transformation.

I have no idea where it comes from with me. My mother HATES it when I don't cook my husband supper, make him lunch for work, or have him do housework. She believes that the kids need to be taken care of by their mother and that the father, while present, should be able to sit down with is feet up and be taken care of. That mindset KILLS me. It could be that she raised me alone, by herself. She  kept the house spotless, built whatever furniture had to be put together, did what she had to do to keep my clothed, fed and happy.

Either way, the helpless, innocent female pisses me off. I certainly don't know anyone like it. All of my friends certainly aren't like it. They're more likely to kick you in the teeth than they are to faint or swoon over a disturbing thought or a well dressed man. Don't get me wrong, I LIKED the fifty shades books however, Ana infuriated me. Not because she put up with Christian (She's a grown ass woman), but because she was so damn whiny.

When I set out writing The Authority Series, I knew how I wanted to portray Tatum. She wouldn't be the blubbering, uncertain, clumsy, self-conscious female that the media has become so obsessed with. She would be badass, slightly insane (Ok, a lot insane), bold and brash. She would take on gender stereo-types (She's a pimp who owns a chain of strip clubs...).
Despite the adversity she faced in Altering, she took care of business. One of my favorite quotes from book two is, "Sure, she’d cried. She missed him but she didn’t fall apart the way everyone expected her to. They were waiting for it. God, she was entitled to it however the boys needed her and he wasn’t getting out with her wallowing away in her own tears and sorrow."

I know that the men like to be the 'hero's but sometimes, somewhere out there, they have to realize that we call the shots or at the very least we are their equals. And the women that let men think otherwise, allow themselves to believe otherwise, need more women like Tatum in the media to show them that we kick ass.


I don't understand why the men get to have all the fun?
Know what would be a great book? Fifty Shades of Ana. Lets let her be the rich, successful dominant who has a sexy, innocent man beg her, submit to her. Let her smack him around.

I like that shit...

Also, I think I know what my next series will be about.

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