Monday, 13 July 2015

Books all children should have... If your parents are criminals.

Raising kids is tough. I think of women who are actually like Tatum, the main character in my novel Altering Authority, who steps in and becomes a mother figure to Jager's boys after their mother dies and I cant help but wonder how they can just jump in and pick up where another woman has left off. What if you have no motherly instincts whatsoever? Surprisingly Tatum did. But if she hadn't, I expect some of these books may have ended up on her boy's book shelves.

Because learning about the judicial system at an early age is core!

Making Mommy and Daddy proud is important

If you're going to sell drugs, you should know what to expect!

Because supporting each other is what families do!

You can never be too prepared.

Mama's not the only one who can run a good flop house!

Sometimes, you just gotta do what needs to be done!

Helping out financially is good. Creating your own business is priceless.

For when it's take your kid to work day...

Again. Being prepared is important!
Because some of them are even shadier than uncle Bobo.


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