Friday, 26 June 2015

Good things about the beard... Yes, i'm making an entire blog post about this...

Some women like the 'tall, dark and handsome' thing. Others prefer a man in a suit. I have a type as well... Its  a man with a big scruffy beard. More so, ginger beards! Sigh. They're the stuff dreams are made of. Jager is kind of... dear I say it (Don't read this husband) the whole package for me. Beard, bike, badassery... I'll even  take it a step further and tell you that jogging pants (Yes, I'm serious) are on that list too (Lets not get carried away. There is a type of jogging pants that are acceptable... No elastic ankles here people. No holey, mustard stained ones either).

I'm shocked to learn that some women don't go for this. More so, some men don't like it either. This is why I've compiled a list of reasons why beards are great.

  1. They instantly turn any man into a badass
  2. Bits of food stuck in it make for great snacks later



    I love you Ragnar!
  3. Potential to achieve Viking status
  4. Good for making extra money (Pretend you're homeless)
  5. Tell ladies you were a Sons of Anarchy extra
  6. Always have somewhere to hide things (Like weapons, food...)
  7. Ability to keep you and your friends warm (Like a giant scarf!)
  8. Makes a great disguise
  9. You can use it for a sail on your boat
  10. You can use it for a slide in the winter
  11. You have the option to be a Tom Selleck look-a-like at anytime.
  12. Women cant resist touching it.
  13. You will never be mistaken for a woman
  14. Khal Drogo had one
  15. George Clooney had one
  16. They don't just make you hot in the summer, they make you hot all year round!
  17. People make blog posts about them
  18. Hides acne
  19. You can be a wizard (or at least look like one)
  20. They protect against the sun, therefore, will keep you looking younger and healthier!

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