Monday, 15 June 2015

I'm giving up.

Since starting the process of having Altering Authority published, I swear I've gained at least twenty pounds. I can spend literally ALL DAY reading articles about publishing, promoting, marketing, blog tours, book tours, book launches... There is no end to the plethora of self-publishing links.

I've tried all of them. Even this blog is a recommendation from one of the 837,482,374,893,789 websites I have visited about marketing. And yes, I did just smash my face on the keyboard to come up with that number.

I'm exhausted.

No two websites have the same information. There is no one way to sell a book. People are lazy and don't have the patience or time to scroll through Google+ all day long reading articles about why they should read your novel. When was the last time you did? Have you ever searched 'Giveaway' on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? More so, have you ever won?

There's my point.

The minute you publish, your one book will tumble, brightly at first and then gradually dimmer and dimmer, into the vast universe that is the internet along with the 600,000 to 1,000,000 other copies that are produced EVERYDAY! And that's just in the U.S.!

However, each new book you publish falls into this universe as well, where they meet up with the others like them, that have your name scrawled on the front cover in an expensive font that you paid for online, and their light grows and grows until your name is shining brightly like Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Philippa Gregory and Christine Feehan.

These people have dozens of books under their names! They are bound to be recognized at some point. The fact that they can actually write is an even bigger reason why they are where they are. They've had lots of practice. They've struggled like me and I assure you, when they started writing, the term 'social media' didn't exist.

That being said, I think I will take a break from stressing out over the things I'm forgetting or the things the blogs tell me to do that I just really really don't want to. I'll put my energy into book two, book three...

... and then hopefully...

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