Friday, 19 June 2015

Tattoos and piercings = Horrible, Dangerous people

I've discovered something recently. A friend of mine (Pictured right) on Facebook loves to share encounters he has while working at his costumer service job. People stare at him. Others who are braver confront him, ask to touch him, ask him why he chooses to look the way he does. My  nephew (pictured below) is in this same category.

I'm not talking about some kind of disease or skin condition here people. I'm talking about piercings and tattoos. I don't know many people who aren't tattooed in some form or another. One or two small illustrations seems to be acceptable, but what about the guys and girls who are covered? Arms, neck, legs, face? I get it, I mean, when you are covered in metal and ink, you're going to draw more attention. People will do a double take. I understand that. It's not typical for everyone to look like this. But the stigma that they are dangerous, or criminal seems a bit old fashioned to me. I know more people who aren't tattooed that are insane (myself included) than the ones who are inked and/or pierced.

The tatt'd and pierced people I know, all of them, from the ones with one or two all the way to the ones who are covered and who's bodies are more metal and ink than skin, are thee most amazing, friendliest people. And I'd be lying if I said that they weren't some of the best looking people. I think that's why I gravitate toward characters who fit this category. Besides my mom and people her age (no offence), I think women my age(ish) love a good man with a beard (That's a topic for another day. Beards...Yumm) and lots of tattoos. I think they represent someone who doesn't care what society thinks, someone who thinks for themselves, who like to express who they are and are proud to show it. What's braver than literally wearing your thoughts, interests and beliefs on your skin for the world to see?

When I moved from home (St. John's, Newfoundland), my nephew was only about 9 years old, with a shaved head, tan and clothes from Sport Check . I went back last September to a 6'3, gangly, pasty-white 15 year old with pierced lips, nose and long black and green hair. I loved it, however, he is the oldest of the nieces and nephews. He was my first 'baby'. To me, he is just as much mine as my own kids. I was scared for him. I didn't want people to harass him or look at him for anything other than what he was: The most handsome, amazing little shithead in the world. And, to be honest, he was a shithead. I dragged this kid into timeout when he was two, dangling from my arm by his teeth. I thought when I saw him last year that this look suited him, only to find that he wasn't this evil spawn of Satan anymore but the most polite, mature and grateful teenager I've ever known. I bought him a pair of sneakers, and he thanked me and hugged me at least 10 times for it. For a pair of sneakers?! Who would have thought?!

When girls get full sleeves, I'm always really excited for them, like Yeah! F*&% you society and your 'beauty' standards! Look at this chick ROCKIN' those tattoos and piercings (Same goes when they cut their hair off for some reason but again, that's a different post).

I kind of feel like, being one of the only ones of my friends without tattoos, I need to get something outrageous. Clearly being tattooed and pierced makes for more awesome individuals. Just thinking about it makes me what to be a better person... ;)

What's your opinion?

(Some tattooed friends of mine below.... :)


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